Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gratitude # 11-20

I've been really remiss in updating this blog. I liked blogging because it was a good warm-up for working on my novel, and I really need to kick working on my novel into high gear. I was hoping to have finished it by the end of February... Yah, not so successful on that.
So, without further ado, I present...

Jackson Cole

11. I am grateful for Baby Jack.

12. I am grateful that I'm grateful for Baby Jack, because originally, I was rather dismayed that the next few years would not be proceeding as I had thought they should.

13. I am grateful that Jack was born healthy, weighing in at eleven and a half pounds!

14. I am grateful that the labor was only 2.5 hours and the delivery went pretty much according to plan. (Yay for midwives and birthcenters!)

15. I am grateful that Jack is an easy, smiley baby.

16. I am grateful that his siblings love him enough to fight over getting to spend time with him.

17. I am grateful that he likes to cuddle and be worn in my carriers.

18. I am grateful that he either sleeps or smiles through Mass.

19. I am grateful for baby smiles.

20. I'm grateful for friends with whom to share the things for which I'm grateful.