Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Artist's Danger

"It is the artist's danger
being master of the form,
to forget that he is poor,
to think he is the master of the invisible reality,
which this reflection represents."
--Sophia House, Michael D. O'brien

By no means do I consider myself a "master of the form," but forgetting I am poor is a major difficulty of mine. It is probably also why my novel is only about 28/50th of the way finished. I am trying to make it say too much. Reminding myself that whatever Truth my writing can convey is but a shadow of a fraction of the Truth is actually a relief. It is a relief to accept that my efforts will be inadequate; Truth cannot be contained. But, perhaps, for someone, the sliver of Truth my work reflects will be the one needed.

In other news: I have finally emerged victorious from my week-long battle with Influenza B. Thomas is still on antibiotics from strep, Josh for an ear infection, Kayleigh's going to miss school again tomorrow due to fever, Emberlyn's over her fever, and remarkably, Jett made it through the last two weeks in a sick ward unscathed. I can't wait for SPRING!
Bonus cute baby picture:
(What color are those eyes?)

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Eric said...

Haha, cute! And wow! what is going on with your health over there.