Thursday, September 29, 2011

Laundry for Life

I wish I was more.
More capable, more faithful, more patient, know, better.
It's 40 Days for Life time again, and I'm nursing, so I can't fast. And I'm dealing with the voices that say, "You can't keep up with everything you're supposed to be doing now. Why in the world do you think you can add anything to it?!" And when I reconcile myself to simply doing a daily load of laundry for life like I did in the spring campaign, it's hard to convince myself it's "good enough."
But I know it is. And "good enough" isn't the right words.
I think fasting is a wonderful thing. As you move away from being filled with things of this world, even good things such as food, you can be more open to being filled by God. However, I'm not sure you have to take things away in order to make room for God.
I do laundry because it has to be done--it is NOT my favorite chore--but if I offer my daily struggle with laundry to God, my living sacrifice is sanctified, made holy and acceptable.
Even if I fasted on bread and water for forty days, even if I did a thousand loads of laundry with all the fervency of a thousand saints, it wouldn't be nearly "good enough."
However, God is pleased by the slightest opening of ourselves to Him, the smallest offering of ourselves to Him. So, the load of baby clothes I'm about to wash, done intentionally, will make the next ten minutes of my day holy. How much of the rest of our days can we live intentionally for God?