Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adventures at preschool

Today was Kayleigh's Christmas program at school. Last night I had to go buy her a "Christmas outfit," because I knew her friends would be all decked out. Apparently I should have bought Jett an outfit, too.

One with padlocks.

He sat patiently through the fifteen minutes before it started. He was only a little wiggly during the first class's performance. During Kayleigh's class's rendition of "Mary had a Baby Boy," he decided to strip.

It was a cool morning, so I had kept him in his footied pajamas. By the time I'd put Emberlyn back into the carrier to free my arms, Jett was down to his diaper, so I waited until Kayleigh (who is that child- the one who sings loudest and proudest) was finished and carried him out like a sack of potatoes under one arm, and his clothes out under the other.

Yep, he's definitely two... :-)

Monday, December 1, 2008


Kayleigh !!!

Almost four years old.

Loves everything, especially chocolate milk and chocolate milk without chocolate.

Pre-school princess.

Not content with one imaginary friend... She has four.


Jerrett !!!
Two years old.
Loves cars (CARRGH!), dogs (Bear-bear), and his siblings.
Bent on his own destruction.
Currently instructing me to catch him the lizard that somehow made it into the office. I guess the spider needs a friend?