Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Helping Jesus

Jett loves band-aids. Seriously, the boy got a box of Curious George band-aids for his three year-old birthday in August, because band-aids make him happy.

Yesterday, Jett and I were sitting at the table drinking hot chocolate when he told me, "Jesus loves me, and him have cuts."

I didn't catch the last word, so I said, "Yes, He does love us. He has what? Can you show me?"

He took me out to the play room where we have a picture of Jesus after the Resurrection and pointed to Christ's feet. "Him have cuts. Why?"

I explained to him that when Jesus died for us, He got the "owwies" in His hands and feet.

Jett's eyes lit up. "I want to share my George band-aids with Jesus."

Yesterday, I was having a really hard day. I haven't slept. Josh is sick again. We're having another little boy in February. I'm really not sure how I'm going to handle it all. I have been feeling really inadequate to the tasks set before me.

I've always been a "quiter." When something got hard or uncomfortable, I quit. Piano, violin, choir, colorguard, theatre, Latin--the list goes on... Right now, everything feels too hard and uncomfortable--being a mom, a writer, a Christian--but I can quit. These aren't just things I do; these are things I am.

I was having a panic attack last night. Thomas tried to calm me down, but I kept telling him, "I can't do a good enough job. It's too hard. I don't even want to try anymore."

He basically asked me, "What's a good enough job? You're raising a three year-old who wants to help Jesus, isn't that good enough?"

Jett had the idea of caring for our Lord because he saw Him in need (of George band-aids), and I have hope that as he grows, he will continue to care for "the least of these" in the name of Jesus.

We are the body of Christ. We have our purpose by being His hands or feet or whatever. We don't have to be good enough, or strong enough, or talented enough for whatever task He sets us to, because it is God who is fully capable of accomplishing the task. How cool is it that He wants to use us--broken, inadequate us--to help Him?