Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes or No

I understand it's a fallen world,
A broken thing not yet healed,
But we either contribute further fracture
Or anticipate fulfilment revealed.

"God wishes happiness for us."
Yes, but of a different sort.
Eternal joy in His presence.
Our time here is but short.

Here we might be called upon
To plow a rocky field.
Hand kept firmly to the task,
Purpose kept concealed.

We might be called to walk around
By others thought a fool.
But someday, the gates will fall
And all will know His rule.

We might be called to pick up a cross
And with heavy steps follow Him.
Christian life is a committment
Not a passing whim.


Lisa Buffaloe said...

Love this!

Amelia said...

Thanks, Lisa! I'm glad y'all got there safe. We'll sure miss you around here. Come back for a book signing someday, okay?

Jerri Phillips said...

Amelia, why don't you submit these beautiful poems???!!!!! I think Christian Pulse would love this. If not, someone will. This is beautiful!

Eric said...

Very nice and so true.