Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adventures at preschool

Today was Kayleigh's Christmas program at school. Last night I had to go buy her a "Christmas outfit," because I knew her friends would be all decked out. Apparently I should have bought Jett an outfit, too.

One with padlocks.

He sat patiently through the fifteen minutes before it started. He was only a little wiggly during the first class's performance. During Kayleigh's class's rendition of "Mary had a Baby Boy," he decided to strip.

It was a cool morning, so I had kept him in his footied pajamas. By the time I'd put Emberlyn back into the carrier to free my arms, Jett was down to his diaper, so I waited until Kayleigh (who is that child- the one who sings loudest and proudest) was finished and carried him out like a sack of potatoes under one arm, and his clothes out under the other.

Yep, he's definitely two... :-)

Monday, December 1, 2008


Kayleigh !!!

Almost four years old.

Loves everything, especially chocolate milk and chocolate milk without chocolate.

Pre-school princess.

Not content with one imaginary friend... She has four.


Jerrett !!!
Two years old.
Loves cars (CARRGH!), dogs (Bear-bear), and his siblings.
Bent on his own destruction.
Currently instructing me to catch him the lizard that somehow made it into the office. I guess the spider needs a friend?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Emberlyn !!!
Seven months old.
Two teeth. Three adoring siblings. Lots of smiles.
Rolling fool.
Future Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Five and a half years old.

Loves kinder-garten, dinosaurs, reptiles, robots, and building things.

Awesome big brother (most of the time...).

Current career choice: ninja.

First Post

I've so enjoyed keeping up with my friends' blogs and viewing pictures of their kids that I've decided to try my hand at this.
First of all, the title: DJLM-Keep Walking comes from the Bible verse I've been meditating on this year. Micah 6:8- Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God. I'll come back to this in later posts.
My goal is to both keep a record of what is going on with my beautiful family and give myself a place to let thoughts spill out into words. I have so many thoughts lately I can't keep anything straight.
Speaking (ahem, writing) of "so many," my beautiful family includes: Thomas (my husband) and our four kids- Joshua, Kayleigh, Jett, and Emberlyn. We have two mini-baussies (Bonnie and Bear-bear) and a chicken named Muffet. Also, there is currently a large spider in a jar in the kitchen.
Life is busy but good.